...at least that's what this British study claims:

"The findings suggest that commuting is negatively related to personal well-being and that in general (for journeys of up to three hours) longer commutes are worse for personal well-being than shorter commutes."

Common sense, right? Apparently sitting in traffic for hours everyday doesn't necessarily make up for a higher income or better housing.


And, if you're lucky enough to ride the bus, life is even worse, as the study claims that "taking the bus or coach to work on a journey lasting more than 15 minutes is associated with increased anxiety. As the journey time increases beyond 30 minutes, the negative effects of this form of commuting affect all aspects of personal well-being."

I used to commute for over an hour one way. I'd drive to a train station, ride the train for an hour, then ride this for a few miles to reach my destination:

That was the good part, but it was the other 2 hours that killed me.

My wife and I decided that the commute just wasn't worth it. We passed up a mountainside condo with beautiful views, just because we didn't want to deal with a 20 mile commute that can take an hour one way. (If you live in Utah, ever tried Draper to SLC at the height of rush hour? It's terrible.)


So we've settled, for now, at least, on a place that's centrally located. My wife takes 15 minutes on back roads to get to work in her Forester (lifted, of course):

I'm driving 15 minutes on the curviest back roads I can find, of course:

My favorite spot is a winding road parallel with the freeway (I-15.) Every day when I go home, I get to feel bad for all the commuters stuck in stop-and-go traffic as I fly by at 40mph.

What do you guys think? How bad are your commutes?