I grew up several decades ago in suburban Atlanta, in Cobb County near the Chattahoochee River. Near my neighborhood, there was a wooded area that has since been split up into lots where McMansions are now situated. But back then, it was just a semi-mysterious piece of forest.

There were legends that once upon a time, there had been a racetrack there. When it snowed — as it did at least once or twice per winter — people said you could dig and find old car parts from when the racetrack existed. I never really understood what snow had to do with anything, and I never ventured into the woods to dig for old car parts. As a kid, I didn't question the legend. But as I got older, I wondered if it was just an old wives' tale.

I guess it was the snow today on the East Coast that brought back those memories. Then, it hit me: the internet knows all. Surely, if there ever was a Vinings Racetrack, there would be evidence of it somewhere on these interwebs.


I quickly found two sources confirming that yes, it truly existed. The first is somebody's tumblr on North Georgia history, which featured the stunningly badass photo below.

The Historic Racetrack in my own backyard

The second source was a text hit on Google Books, which included this:


...the Robinsons helped start a race track across Paces Ferry, which had a 1/4 mile banked oval with stands, but didn't last long. Cars kept crashing into the stands threatening to kill somebody, sufficiently to have the Randall's [sic] disassemble the wooden stands that had contributed, and take them away, and the track demised.

At this point, I'm kind of excited. The legends were true!

Next stop: the awesome historicaerials.com. (If you weren't previously familiar with that great resource, I apologize for the productivity loss you're about to experience.) And here it is, from a 1938 aerial photo:

The Historic Racetrack in my own backyard

I <3 the internet.