So the irony goes, I run a business built on promoting companies, yet I feel like I am nearly immune to advertising. I never bought an album because of a promotion, I never pulled off the interstate because I saw a billboard. I flatly ignore online ads, sometimes to my own peril like missing limited opportunities, but advertising (ignore my job description) just isn't ME.

So I was commenting with Turbeaux505 this morning that when it was time to buy supplies for a party, I looked down, saw two hunormous bottles of Martini vermouth and decided, oh screw it, I've fallen for those stripes.


Overlookdx countered that he bought a bottle of Martini champagne and it was so undrinkable, he went back to the store (the vermouth ain't lousy, BTW). So we have a plus side and a minus side for buying a product from a company that has been reliably pumping money into motorsports for decades.

Do you ever spend you money based on sponsors you see racing by live or on TV? Did it work out for you, or not?