With nightmare inducing electrical systems, electricity will burn you all the time with one of these JAAAAAGs.

We all have a very attainable dream car that we cannot buy for some reason. Maybe it's an E34 540i M-sport on your local Craigslist for $4000 that needs ridiculous maintenance, the daunting Alfa with "electrical," the "douchey" car you can't get a job or significant other with (or can't go 5 over the speed limit in without getting a ticket or find in good shape in the E36's case), or it could be the 70s Lincoln you can't afford gas for or be the pimp it deserves.

No matter the reason, you can't afford to have the car even though you want to drive it; something you would want for your collection if you were at least sufficiently wealthy, but not for a daily driver or weekend car. One instance of a car that someone would pass on despite being something they dream of throttling and cruising around in is the 3rd gen F-body. They ooze 80s badassness and excess, sure—not to mention the fact that they put down respectable power and handle decently with minor modifications while being easy to work on. However, it'll also put a can of cheap beer in your hand, a confederate flag on your house, and a mullet on your head when other people see you in one, and those are not things people want their car to do to their image.

Any decent, car-loving Jalop doesn't give two shits about how fashionable their car is (I believe the approximate number of shits is ~1.6), so maintenance and repair cost is more of an issue here. Despite this, many people subconsciously dismiss some cars because of other people's opinions of them. Anyways, I'm trying to do this FEQ fairly quickly and be a little more concise (lemonade + computer = ruined keyboard and laggy computer) and I won't digress/get philosophical too much. Today's FEQ is:

What cars would you want to drive but not own, maintain, or be associated with?

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