For the Chevrolet S-10 and Trailblazer currently being sold in Brazil. Might be relevant since the S-10 will eventually be sold in the US as the Colorado.

I sense a recall coming up...

Pictured above is one of the hoses from the power steering system and, right as it runs behind one of the front suspension links, there's a massive hole from where the fluid was leaking (or rather, gushing). I took this shot before the mechanics at the dealership pulled the hose off, but I could easily stick my index finger through the hole. According to them, the hole was caused by normal suspension travel and could lead to a recall due to design or manufacturing flaw.


This is the first ever part to fail on this car and, if anyone's considering a Chevrolet Colorado when they come out, might be worthy checking out this specific hose, on the passenger side, close to the wheel, every now and then.