I was selling stuff in the store as I usually do and one of the first customers of the day needed some assistance. I begin to chat with them as per usual, and soon enough she is ready to check out she dropped a hint of info in her conversation, which was: she worked at a dealership. So I asked her if she was able to drive stick. As well as driving stick with the decent size heeled boots she was buying. "Of course!" she replied. I laughed and asked her what dealership. "(the local) Toyota dealership" to which i immediately replied "Have you driven the FRS!?!?"

That question immediately came to mind and provides a clear cut identification of a fellow car enthusiast (so says oppo). Especially if they work at a dealership.


She smiled, and began to rattle off a quick story of how just yesterday when they had to go move all the cars, her and two of her associates ran directly to the 3 FRS's they had. And since 2 were manual, one of them was going to get the auto. To my surprise, she went right to the manual! I asked her how she liked those cars, and she responded very positively with only one complaint, it was slow...

Most everyone on oppo knows that those cars arent about speed, which I tried to counter her argument with. But she then replied "I used to own an M6", and rather abruptly, I understood why she might have that particular complaint and withdrew my defense.


She then whipped out a business card and gave it to me. I was confused by this, but I guess that's what saleswomen do. But if I do buy anything from toyota, ill go right to her.

The point of my story?

Its awesome to see that, yes, even women are into cars in a similar fashion as we are. A 30 year old woman at that! And her face expression when she remembered the FRS after I brought it up to her, id be willing to bet she got some oppo with one.

Plus its valentines day, and i have nothing to do except fix my nokia -__-