I have a question for your track rats (and racing enthusiasts in general). Before I ask it, I want to thank you guys for your input on my post about hydrogen powered vehicles. Hopefully, your input will help us assemble an unique experience for consumers.

Now I have another request for your input. Why would I want to do all the legwork myself? Anyway...we are looking for racetracks that may be overlooked by the major series, but offer a lot for participants in both track design (layout, safety, fun factor, etc.) and amenities such as NOLA Motorsports Park*.

What's your favorite local track? It can be a historic road course that hosts multiple pro series, a country club type facility, or even that short oval that has track days on their roval.

For your trouble, here is LFA wallpaper I found on the interwebz.

*If you haven't been to NOLA, you need to if only it's to experience a covered pitlane in the southern summer.