back in late August we had the Gold Cup hydroplane races on the Detroit River, and part of the attractions is an invitational car show. I took a handful of pics. I can follow up with boat pics later if wanted.


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You’ll never believe the one simple trick a local mom discovered to power this thing with:

a 4.6 4V Modular.

Owner of this A-100 has a sense of humor:

This ‘59 Caddy caught my eye because (apart from the wheels) it was a tasteful retromod, and because underhood:


this one has a centrifugal supercharger and a “blow-through” carb setup.

Nice 1956 Ford pickup. With a blasphemous big-block Chevy underhood:

seriously, fuck this guy.

This one is interesting. I see it every so often; it’s a “Rossion Q1" which is a license-built Noble M400:

Buick Regal T-Type, the precursor to the Grand National and GNX:

Nice ‘70 Challenger. I don’t know if this interior is factory, though:

love the “piping-hot-air intake:”