First of all, H/T and congrats to LongbowMkII who ran his Yaris and came in 3rd in class! I came out mainly to see his runs and was thrilled with the cars - come on in for: the Yaris, an M2, an STS, that Buick, 3 gens of Miatas, a 944, a W123, several Subarus & more. Limited data plans consider yourself warned.

Apologies that these are pics aren’t as good as they should be. There were two groups each doing an AM and PM session. When I got there the first group was already out, so I did what I could with my iPhone. I got out my SLR during the group switch, but I couldn’t see the screen to review my shots in the sun so exposure is meh. I had a circular polarizer that I should’ve thrown on there, but I just wanted to shoot and not fiddle around. Lesson learned for next time. Then I had to bail before I could redo the first group in the PM session with the SLR - it was over 100 outside and my kids were getting miserable. I also missed a few cars that in retrospect I really wish I got even one crappy pic of - an S3, an A4 allroad, and a Mk7 GTI. There were also a ton of older Subarus, no surprise, but I still wish I had a snap or two. A friend of mine is planning to run his Acura CL at one of the next events, so hopefully I’ll be out there again with the SLR set up properly for a full day of shots.

First up, here’s a 2016 WRX STi with a few mods:

This guy ran with a WRX his rooftop box on:

Here’s Longbow’s Yaris - I’m just posting all unedited version of the few pictures that I managed to get of it:

Here’s the STS - this was unexpected to see out here:

Here’s a BMW M2. I absolutely love that someone spent probably $50k on this and decided one of the first things to do with it was to go thrash it around a field. STS makes a cameo.

Three generations of Miata. I put these in order NA - NC- ND. I think the NC driver is a maniac for not having a roof, but it made for a good show.

An Impreza Coupe in it’s natural habitat. There were several other first-generation Imprezas in sedan and wagon forms, but this is the only one I got photos of.

What remains of a 4th-generation Civic sedan.

The Buick “Century of Hoonage” as Longbow called it.


The 944 “German Lee” - yes this is a car that has run 24 hours of LeMons. It even had a matching orange pop-up. Yes, it did have the General Lee horn and yes he did it at the start of most of his runs. The driver got pretty aggressive and this was one of the most fun to watch. Despite an oil cooler installed where the right headlamp used to be, the owner said it was still running hotter than he would’ve liked.

Finally, the W123 300D. This was undoubtedly the star of the show. Not just because of the absurdity of running an old Mercedes boat in a rallycross, but because the driver was going full tail-out around every corner that he could. I couldn’t fully capture it photos, so here’s a couple of potato cam videos as well.

Bonus - random pics from around the paddock. The property is a Subaru/import junkyard and there was some interesting stuff littered around.

I sort of want to rescue the yellow WRX, but if it’s here it’s probably been picked over already.
Several of the cars here appear to have been wrecked at events and left behind.
Mazda REPU!!!!!!
Somhow I doubt it has started at all in many years.
The entrance is marked appropriately with the husk of a Subaru 360.