Edit September 25: We’re about to pick dates for the multi-day Wales meet in Spring 2018. Anyone who wants in on the discussion, now is the time. 24 people filled in the questionnaire, including 3 Americans. Signing up for the actual meet has no deadline.

Old post:

After the last post a few weeks ago lots of votes were cast. Some discussions were had. Result: 2 meets in Europe in 2018. One a (long) weekend, the other a week. But where and when? That’s where the questionnaire comes in. edit: 23 entries so far!


First let me show the results of the previous polls. I’ll exclude the polls which asked where and when you would not want to go as they supported the positive polls and thus are superfluous.



In the whatsapp group there have been many mentioning wanting to go to Wales and to Le Mans Classic (Western France, July 6-8 2018). The period around Easter (late March, early April) is mentioned often as well. This corresponds with the polls. The other locations in the poll, save for the Nürburgring, haven’t been mentioned all that often at all.

Last March, at Spa (and later the Nürburgring). All cars were attendees.

The plan

As it looks now, and nothing has been decided just yet, these two trips will happen:

  • A week long ‘holiday’ type of trip. Maybe from a Sunday to a Saturday (or mon-fri) to give people time to travel. Given the polls and the replies in whatsapp some time around Easter 2018 seems the most logical. In, most likely, Wales (UK).
  • A (long) weekend, so Friday-Sunday or similar, in another month. Most likely in summer 2018. Most popular seem to be Le Mans Classic in France (6-8 July 2018, a report about the 2017 edition) or close to the Nürburgring in Germany (flexible dates). edit: I received a suggestion for Classic Days at Schloss Dyck (near Düsseldorf, Germany. www.classic-days.de ) as well.

Both trips should include driving lots of interesting local roads, enjoying the local cuisine (including the liquid variety) and some sightseeing. And hopefully not losing all coolant, again. Given the prevalence of low budget attendees base costs should be kept low.

Some cars from the Alps meet from last June


Please only fill in the questionnaire if you’re at the very least considering coming to one of the meets. You obviously don’t have to be sure right now.


edit: When you fill in the questionnaire, please finish by clicking “Finish Survey”. This will send me the results. The last two questions are optional. I’ve received unfinished results, which don’t show up in the summary.

Le Mans Classic