908/3: flat-8, tail fins, and comically small wheels
550 Coupe: Porsche’s first purpose-built race car
The first 911 to win in Motorsport was actually a showroom demo model hastily converted for racing without Porsche’s consent (because they hadn’t finished testing it)
Elva Porsche: so dangerously unstable that it was sold with a list of recommended modifications to make it safer
The Ferrari Dino was quicker, but the Carrera 6 was tougher
A 917 that isn’t painted like a pig or an acid trip
910/6: Porsche’s first Nurburgring champ
904 Carrera GTS
The 904 GTS race cars were fully road legal because Porsche didn’t think they could find 100 customers to buy track-only homologation cars
718 RSK rocking a DeLorean paint job
The 908 LH’s aerodynamics made it so unstable at high speeds that it was near-impossible for someone to safely overtake it!
550A Spyder (left) and RS 60 Spyder (right)
Carrera GT Speedster: SCCA royalty
And a regular-ass non-racing 356