I’m in a predicament. I recently began a new job on a temporary status, with the possibility of becoming permanent, if there’s a budget, come the new year (75-80% chance; they like me, and the budget/need is likely). So far, I’ve grown a lot as a professional and individual, met a lot, learned a lot, and have accomplished a lot. The full perks, once permanent, are pretty good, and the commute (very little traffic) is great. I’m also, as they call it, a sponge; and, it appears that management and my coworkers continually and genuinely want to help me with my professional growth through training and experiences. However, I was contacted by a recruiter at a company I’ve applied for previously in my hometown. I don’t know all the details yet, but work-life balance appears to be a lot better, I would have more coworkers closer to my age, the industry more in-line; and the commute, while about the same distance (if I move back home) as my current one, would consist of a lot more traffic. The pay at the company would also likely be slightly more, and the position would be a little more in-line with my professional goals.

Should I schedule myself, interview, and get the job, I look to fufill the remaining time I have as a “temp” in order to not burn bridges and be blacklisted at my current company.

I need advice. How do I go about interviewing, seeing as that I work standard hours, haven’t acquired enough PTO yet, and play a necessary and vital role in daily operations? How do I ask the recruiter about pay rates and time to fill the position? How do I go about asking my boss about the status of future employment?

Thanks ahead of time