The last two oil changes I've done, the filter has been frozen on. With the '74, I attributed it to an overtightened oil filter that also sat in a field for about 4 years, so I wasn't too surprised. I at least had a lot of room to drive screwdrivers through it and pry it off. This morning when I went to change the oil on the Expedition, I figured that I was probably the last one to change the oil, so I assumed it would go quick because I never overtighten filters and always put oil on the seal. But the filter on it was a WIX filter, which I don't recall ever buying. So it must have been put on by someone else (maybe my dad? maybe he took it to a shop?). Anyways, sure enough, it was frozen on and with limited space, it took me an hour to pry it off. I had so many plans for the morning that are shot because of an hour and a half long oil change. Can't catch a damn break.