In the past week or so, I've driven my Stepbrother's 2006 Hyundai Elantra enough times to get a good idea for what kind of car it really is. I've been wanting to write up a review on a car for some time now, and this is a good opportunity so I took it!

Important note: There will be no pictures, since kinja has been messing with me for some time now. sorry guys :(
so without further a due, here I go!

Exterior: (4/10):
ok, it's a Hyundai elantra. nothing too inspiring going on outside. The front of the car looks pretty nice, in my opinion, so it gets some points back there. Another feature I like about the exterior of this car is the very large, and very practical trunk lid. The side profile of the car is also nice, due to the long, sloping rear end. The 15 inch steel wheels with hubcaps are just that; wheels and hubcaps. I'm also not a fan of it's beige/cream paint. If it were blue, it could've scored higher.
Interior: (6/10):
surprisingly enough, the interior of the elantra is a really pleasant place to be. This one has the beige/cream colored interior, and it is relaxing to sit in. There's a lot of adjustment in the front seats, which offer a lot of comfort, and actually some support as well. The gauges are very easy to read, and it is overall, very well laid out. It scores 6/10 because of how relaxed the interior made me feel. Also, The autobox's shifter is a chucky piece of plastic, that falls in to your hand well.
Acceleration: (3/10):
Off the line, this car has a bit of get up and go. at any speed over 40, though the car struggles. The transmission is ok for a hit-the-gas-and-go acceleration run, but trying to merge lanes and accelerate from 40 up to 50 is a pain.
Deceleration (5/10):
When I found out the Elantra has 4 wheel disc brakes, I was surprised. These discs deliver confident and stable stopping for the car. Also, the pedal feel is commendably good, in comparison to an '04 elantra my other stepbrother drives.
Ride (7/10):
The elantra is a commuter car. It, therefore, has really soft and forgiving suspension. The thing about this specific elantra is that the previous owner was a mechanic, who installed anti-roll bars. It stiffens the car up nicely, and gives it a stable/comfortable stride both on freeways, and around town.
Handling (5/10):
It handles well, actually! It's not GTi territory by any means, but it is competent in the corners, with relatively small amounts of body roll. I was pleasantly surprised by it's composure on a twisty, narrow backroad, where I was going a bit faster than I was recommended to.
Drivetrain (4/10):
The engine is a 2L four cylinder making 138hp and 136ft-lbs of torque. T his engine is mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission. The engine itself delivers enough power throughout the rev range, and is actually a good match for the car. The 4-speed autobox, though is really annoying to live with. Around town it's ok, but if you just leave it in drive, it will act up on hills and on highway. Using the "low" gear selection, which in the elantra lets you shift through all 4 gears "manually" it makes it a bit better, since it won't upshift without your input, which is quite nice. I found myself using "3" to drive with and "2" to decelerate with. not inspiring, but very livable.
Equipment (5/10):
For what it is, it comes surprisingly well equipped. it has power windows, mirrors, rear window defog, rear wiper (so, it's better than a panamera!) and a few other neat toys. The sound system is average, with decent ammounts of treble and bass. nothing to write home about, though.
Value (8/10):
This car was a one owner car, with 37,000 miles on it when it was bought. The previous owner was a Hyundai mechanic, as well! This car is in top running condition, and since it was bought about a year ago, has gained another 11,000 miles. The car was bought for $8,600, which is steep for an elantra, but not for a like-new, fully documented, one owner elantra. This makes it a good value, and will probably be around for another 7-8 years at least!
Total (47/90)
hope this was not too boring of a read for you guys! :)