Anybody can go to a dealer and look at a Ferrari and say it's lovely. In most cases, a Ferrari would be worth taking a picture of to show off to your friends so they can look at it and say "pretty sure that's a Lambo dude." There are however places where a Ferrari is just another car. These places include Monaco, Monterey, and the Woodward Dream Cruise.

The Woodward Cruise is different from these places. In Monaco or Monterey, a Ferrari isn't a big deal because EVERYBODY has a Ferrari. A Ferrari delivered your mail this morning. On Woodward, a Ferrari isn't that big of a deal because there is so much more to look at. While anybody can go to a dealer and look at a 458, have fun looking for a dealer specializing in any of these:

This is based on a Dodge Challenger, and looks straight out of the movie Cars

Kind of like a firetruck in training.

Tractor engine. Enough said

I think there's a Corvette in there somewhere.

This thing has a 350 crate motor in it.

Sitting with all the Lingenfelter cars, claims to be "Americas Supercar"

Easily the best trash truck I've seen ever. Very fast and very, very loud.

High-Centering madness. I love it.

These 3 were traveling all together. I want one.

Kind of like a Lotus Europa and a Z-Car had a kid.

Covered wagon action.

Powered by a Northstar V8. What is this thing!?

A couple driving their V8 front engined cars that were never meant to be front engined or have a V8. Both featured rather sizable tires and a healthy rumble.

Another thing you get at Woodward is rare cars. Very rare.

A Kaiser! I think.

Saab goodness

An Edsel wagon pulling a trailor.

A Lamborghini Jalpa. I forgot these existed.

An Aztec with tent attachment..

Ford GTX1. The bar across the center confused me, perhaps $kay could give some input.

Porsche Boxster Spyder without tent attachment.

Alfa 4C

Now this is an Abarth. Non closing hood and all.

Alfa GTV6

A Radical. Forgot these existed as well.

what is this!?

Also if you're in Detroit with a Million+ string audience, you're bound to see something preproduction.

Heavy Camo. Any guesses?

2015 Mustang

Zo6 convertible

Hellcat Challenger

Trampled Underhood


Guess what this is.

New Charger Hellcat

another 2015 'Stang

This is my random category. Enjoy!

This is a Bricklin! Rutledge Wood had one of these.

Very fitting placement.

You really can cruise in anything.



This is a Mercedes SLK that someone managed to shoehorn the BiTurbo V12 from the SL65 AMG under the hood. I want one badly.

What Were You Thinking: Ford Edition.

This guy wins all of the things.

I didn't know Janis Joplin owned a 2CV.

Jensen Healey

Twin turbocharged V8 Tupperware


A fully fledged Dale Earnhardt Sr. tribute car.

Why would you need 500 air fresheners?

This years Dream Cruise was truly in a class of one. Amazing exotics, crazy customs, all driven by amazing people who all share a love of cars. I'm leaving Woodward this year smelling like gasoline with shoes covered in coolant. My feet hurt from walking, my neck hurts from turning and I have a wicked sunburn and raccoon eyes I'm going to have a tough time explaining at school tomorrow. The crazy thing is, despite all this, I cannot wait for next year.