did not have as much time to dive into this year’s Geneva Concours, but there were some great cars there! This year’s featured marque was BMW, and there were some absolute beauties on display.

The yellow Z3M roadster across had the license plate SUNZ OUT. I suspect they are owned by the same person.
This is by far the shortest fixed roof car I have ever seen. It didn’t even come up to my hip!
Radical, dude!
This was the same 275 on display at Rise & Drive, part of the Chicago Oppo meet-up. More Ferraris need to be bought in this color!
Not pictured in the passenger seat: a huge bin labeled “Jaguar Firs
It was nice to see an Interceptor in attendance, but I much prefer the coupe version.
This is the only FIA-spec 427 Cobra in existence!
Not pictured: the other 4 GT 350's not on display in the show
Ultraviolet GT3RS. What a color for this car!