Yeah, so, Alabama’s big auto show was in Birmingham this weekend. If you’re looking for a good venue to shop around with new cars, this is an adequate place to go, but you’re not gonna see much uber-special stuff here. Still, there were some surprising cars there.

Quality is not going to be the best, these are pasted images hosted on Facebook, because I don’t feel like waiting five hours for these to upload onto Kinja.

Starting off at Chevrolet, we’re greeted by the Cruze hatch. Call me biased because I love GM, but I found this thing quite surprising. Quality was good and space was very, very good, much better than the Impreza. I’d like to test drive one.
Corvette Grand Sport. I love this shade of blue.
The Bolt, the big one, Chevrolet’s main attraction, and with good reason too. It’s much bigger in person than you’d think. Interior was good quality but felt empty. Still, I’d buy it over most other EVs, including Teslas.
The Malibu is still a favorite of mine, especially in LTZ trim.
Call me biased (again) but I think Chevrolet makes the best trucks on the market, and the Silverado is a shining example.
The new Equinox. Much better looking than the previous two generations. I hope the number pad on the door was an auto show security feature.
The new Silverado HD is bigger and beefier.
Brand new Renegade Deserthawk. I didn’t know this trim was a thing.
It must be said, I love the Jeep crossovers, probably my favorite ones on the market. The Cherokee is my favorite so far.
But the new Compass is a good looker, so the Cherokee’s spot may be up for grabs soon.
Hemi glamour shot.
Charger Hellcats will always get a picture taken of them.
I sure do like this black/gold thing Chrysler’s got going on.
124 Abarth. Fact: I still can’t fit in a Miata, or a 124 for that matter, though my friends swear I should be able to.
I kinda think the new Acadia is kinda handsome.
The Ioniq is interesting, but it’s far too Prius-like for my tastes.
I’m glad hatchbacks are making a comeback. The new Kia Niro is the first Kia in a long time that I’d really consider, that being said...
The K900 is really nice. Like the Genesis, it’s basic luxury, everything a luxury car should be.
The Patromada...Armatrol? Idk, I like this thing.
Another great looking hatch, and like the Niro, the first car from its manufacturer I actually would consider in a long time.
Mercedes of Birmingham REALLY pulled out all the stops, bringing out 3 new AMGs to show off and one Maybach. While this is no huge news for somewhere like NY, for Hicksville, AL, this is a big deal.
My camera absolutely made love to the Maybach.
What a Vibrant G63. I called it the Magic School Bus.
I forgot the GLE63 was a thing. You never see them.
Brown GLA? I think yes.
The definite crown jewel of the Mercedes stand for me was this gorgeous S63 Cabriolet. Seats were super soft, and I felt like I owned the world in the driver’s seat.
I mean, look at this interior. Pornography.
The GLE63 Coupe is the best CUV Mercedes makes. Fight me.
I like the new Impreza A LOT. This Sport model even had a stick in it.
Acura brought out the NSX to surprise us all last year, and they followed up sufficiently with the NSX GT3.
The XE is a damned good looking car.
And the F-Pace is a damned good looking SUV.
I’m so glad Volvo is back on the right track.
The new Disco is very large and very nice looking. I’m mad I couldn’t get a better picture but people were hogging all the good angles.
F-Pace always deserves an image.
I’ve already made sweet, sweet love to the Giulia through my lens and through my feet on the pedals. Go find my review for more of my thoughts.
The most surprising car there had to be the Genesis G90. Such luxury and opulence that was quite surprising from the Koreans. It really reminded me of the LS400 and how it shocked many people when it came out back in 89. Plus, spending a good 30 minutes in the back seat is very fun.
I like the Atlas, there, I said it.
R8 is gR8.
Why don’t people like the new Civic again?
Oh, the new LaCrosse is an absolute beauty. If there was one car that I would love to go out and buy brand new that I saw at the show, it’d be this. Perfect.
Okay, this is what everyone wanted to see at the show, I could tell, and while it’s definitely neck-snappingly amazing to drive, I still think it’s ugly.
The new Expedition is hit and miss.
And the new F150 is plain ugly.
Luckily the new Mustang looks better in person.
I think I’ve finally figured out what it reminds me of. You know those big whale sharks that have their mouth open so big? Yep.