I was there this AM, bright and early at 5:00am to check the cars and the vehicles. Here is my review of the concepts shown. This Concourse had a whole dedicated section for Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, plus featuring a ton of Packards and Isotta Fraschinis. Below is the cool stuff in the concept car area

Kia Stinger GT - Looking the part for a bit, but definitely outclassed by the rest of the field. In person, it is a variant of the Optima body, but wears it better with 19" wheels and low profile.

Genesis SUV - Poor Bentley, Lincoln took the sedan styling from them and now the Genesis SUV looks quite a bit like a Bentley Junior SUV - still, its amazing what the Koreans are doing in the luxury space.

Mercedes Maybach Cabriolet 6 - Words fail me. It’s a Gargantuan coupe convertible, longer than a yacht. Still looks amazing. Probably the most impressive concept there. A lot of the interior dashboard was just a painted mock-up and the dashboard is horizontal, but its all a big screen. It’s wide and imposing. Takes 3 pics to convey the size.

Lambo Huracan - So pretty, in British Racing Green and golden wheels. Almost restrained on its elegance.

Infinity Prototype 9 - There were quite a lot of Race cars for the actual concourse, but this Infinity looks the part. In person, you cannot tell is fully electric, and the dimensions are what you expect from a racer car in the 40's. Really nicely done, Infinity.

BMW Series 8 concept - Amazingly beautiful. This was IMHO, the best concept car of all there. Looks ready to be build. If Aston and BMW had a baby, it would be this car. It’s as long as a DB10 Perfect color too (very important, see why later) The best for me.

BMW Z4 - Underwhelming. No. Seriously. I might catch some flak for this. The issue is the orange paint. It photographs very well, but the orange paint in person looks like a dull vinyl car wrap. (it was overcast in the AM) and the size of it is much larger than the current Z4. It is not pretty in the way you see it in picture. Was pissed of at the color chosen more than anything

VW Buzz - Some people think this is the one is ready to be taken into production. I’m here to tell you VW is trying to fool us once again. The concept is nice, but no part of it at all looks near ready for the real world. The wood floor with tracks to move the seats around, and the check the ‘steering solid controller pad’ with buttons for the transmission on it. You be the judge. Does this look ready for production. Someone is blowing smoke up our asses again. C’mon VW.

Thoughts? I’ll do a photo dump later on tomorrow.