The Ferrari 488 GTB is the new entry-level model from the Italian manufacturer, which caused a bit of controversy being turbocharged. Here's genesis, the 208 Turbo.

Not too long ago I posted some pics I stumbled upon my hard drive that I took a couple of years back, which depict a Ferrari 208 Turbo in the street. A month ago I walked into the showroom of this repair shop, where I was about to commence a month-long, intensive EFL course and there it was, next to two vintage beetles, a Transporter, a BMW 2500 and a very old Skoda: the Ferrari 208 Turbo.

The 208 is identical to the well-known 308, except that it has a turbocharged two-litre V8, instead of the N/A three-litre one, which makes it the world's smallest production V8 in history. It is quite rare - especially the Targa-tops, like this one - as it was made for the Italian domestic market only for tax reasons and until the arrival of the 488 GTB it remained the only entry-level turbo-Ferrari.

The 208/308 is also peculiar, because it has the basic template to the genesis of all hypercars, the F40, as 208 = 308 -> 288 GTO -> 288 GTO Evoluzione -> F40. You do feel like taking it for a ride.

Here is a photo dump for your enjoyment.