So we bought the motor mounts and cross member from granny's speed shop—probably the only company that sells stuff for engine swaps for Mazda RX-7s. The set up we're running is a 350 out of a '72 Chevelle with a muncie 4 m-21 behind it. Now, their website doesn't say they sell a trans cross member for a muncie, but when I called them to buy the motor mounts and told them about my set up, they insisted they had a cross member for me. Ok, whatever you say. It was $50.

Now that I got the motor mounted, oil pan clearanced, and everything in the engine bay figured out, so I turned to getting the trans mounted. The cross member Granny's sold me was WAYYYY off. Firstly, the hole pattern wasn't right at all. Then, it was dropped about 3 inches too low. Part of this was because I had to space the motor up to help clear the steering, but 3 inches is way too far off. Granny's will be getting a nice email from me shortly.

Rant over. Got to do some fab work so at the end of the day, not too upset about it.