So I’ve had my Forester, Forest the Silver Loaf of Bread, for nearly three thousand miles. I thought I’d record my thoughts on it.


  • Similar mileage to the Bullmobile
  • Cargo room for days
  • That 2.5 has plenty of power and it is very smooth with that 4 speed auto transmission
  • Handles very flat.
  • Lights turn off when key is turned off.
  • Smaller turning radius.


  • In 4th under load from 2k to 2.25k rpm there is an annoying drone. I usually shift down into 3 and then let the rpms build and shift back into D
  • Front brake pads create dust like crazy.
  • The most annoying thing for me is that the sun visor does not extend out to cover the whole window. I need something with a plastic bit the slides out or for the whole visor to slide out. I’m hoping that there’ll be something I can source from another Subaru.