On today's list we take a look at 5 unique cars that brighten up the automotive world in some manner.

1. Fiat Multipla

Everybody has heard of the Multipla. It's often regarded as the ugliest car ever made. But is that a fair judgement? I don't think so. The design is definitely unique, brave, quirky and unlike anything we've seen before or since. It's not a beauty, but you can't say it's not endearing. From the 6 eyed face to the crazy dashboard, this car drips character. I personally can't help but smile every single time I see one of them. I'm glad that there were people who understood the tongue-in-cheek aspect of the Multipla and bought it.
Why do we love it? Because you couldn't possibly hate it even if you tried.

2. SsangYong Rodius

If the Multipla was quirky and full of character, the Rodius is both and ugly blob and a terrible car. Still, it gives us something to point at and laugh, and that counts too. It is genuinely the circus freak of cars; you know you should feel sorry but you can't stop chuckling.
Why do we love it? Because no matter what you drive, you know that the Rodius is uglier (and most likely worse).

3. Mercedes-Benz CLS W219

The CLS started a revolution. It showed us all that an executive saloon car doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it was so revolutionary that other companies decided to follow in its footsteps and design their own sleek and sporty sedans. While releasing the CLS seemed like a weird move back in 2004, in retrospect you can't help but notice that Mercedes have struck gold and beautified our streets in the process. That said, it's still annoying that they insist on calling it a coupe.
Why do we love it? Because it's one of the coolest cars ever.

4. Mazda RX-8

You can't help but think that with the RX-8 Mazda tried to be as bizarre as possible. They made a 2+2 with suicide rear doors, a 1.3 litre wankel engine and some unusual styling. It may not have been the fastest car. nor the most beautiful, cheapest, most practical. Reliability wasn't fantastic either. However, as a package this thing is bloody fantastic.
Why do we love it? Because of how adventurous and fun it is.

5. Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon

The Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon is a candidate for the title of best looking estate of all time, but its practicality was, to put it kindly, shite. The most important thing about estate cars, the boot, was tiny and accessible through a very small opening therefore rendering it largely useless. Do we care? Not at all.
Why do we love it? Look at it.


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