I have to say that one of the reasons I am acquiring this was because of the Torchbug's super good luck power. I went up the coast this weekend to meet my girlfriends dad, and I knew he had a bunch of old cars lying around. Since my girl knew I wanted to photograph the bug all over the place, she brought me to one of his storage properties first, where I fell in love with the "Rose Mist" 63 Buick Invicta wagon (haters to the left please). After we left we went to his house for lobster where I chatted with him about it and got shut down. After a while of talking more somehow it was gifted when he decided I was a good guy and ok for his daughter to be dating. So here it is in all of it's glory. Need to hunt up an air cleaner. Has a 401 Buick nailhead in it stock that runs. A little bit of body work if I want to go down that path, and a little interior work and cleaning (how the hell am I going to find a swatch of that plaid to do the drivers seat). I may just clear over the patina and rock it though as is after I find some new whitewalls for it. Brakes work too. More of the Torchbug element of this weekend in a bit once I parse through 250 pics or so.