Not for me, for my aunt. Honestly. Stop looking at me like that.

It's actually not that bad. Pretty much zero get-up-and-go, but it can get out of it's own way alright. Only comes in 3sp auto, but it's not a bad one. Pretty smooth changes. Doesn't feel solidly built, and a little rattly, but that's what you get for only being 810kg. The chap didn't let me take it up on the motorway, so I'm guessing it's pretty noisy and unpleasant there.


The big surprise was in steering feel. It actually had some, which is miles better than the '09 Suzuki Swift they have at the moment. That thing has so little feel that it's unnerving.

I also think it does retro rather well, styling-wise. Actually manages to look well-proportioned and clean.

Overall, would not buy to save my firstborn's life, but not a bad car for what it is.