The mustang has passed her exams. I was like one of those nervous 50's fathers pacing around the waiting room waiting for the birth of my child. I was so nervous as other people sat in her touched her and drove her onto the lift without enough care. I viewed it all through the window literally paced back and forth reading the Feb 2013 Lightning lap article in Car and Driver for the second time. All went well she passed emission beautifully with excellent scores and the safety part went equally well she does need rear brakes soon and the headlights were not the proper color according to the inspector.

Since I already visited the DMV this morning forked over nearly $200 Obama bucks for plates title transfer registration this mustang will be out of the corral and into the highways and byways with the other wild animals and tame camrys. 90hp sucks on on ramps.

I wanted to get WUSTANG as my plates but I don't like the extra cost and lack of anonymity of the vanity plates. being a 4 cylinder and thier isnt enough room for the full WUSSTANG I thought it was a lucky coincidence I am a fan of the Wu-Tang. I may change my mind and get them anyways.


With some enkei saleen wheels in the hands of fedex on their way to my doorstep I am feeling pretty good about my auto motive endeavors.

have a photo.