Rally Baby Racing has survived the “Death Race” and destroyed an entire “Neighborhood”. A blind hobo stumbled across some “Lost Footage” buried behind an old accordion at the bottom of a ship's hull. Jim Glickenhaus’s Ferrari P4/5 witnessed them firsthand and immediately turned around and went home. Rally Baby Racing's invasion will continue until every last drop of oil is spilled, every last beverage is cracked open, and every last car is driven well beyond their braking (and breaking) point.

When you hang out with Rally Baby Racing, you will notice there is always a lot of uncooked bacon everywhere for some reason. And baby dolls. And big hammers - all things you’d find in any Penske garage, really. Everything in their paddock smells like it's burning thanks to the mix of rubber, metal, oil, and brakes being destroyed without a drop of remorse. The cars, however, have been described as clean, reliable, and well-sorted by absolutely no one ever, and just to warn you, none of what you are about to read next will make any logical sense.


Rally Baby’s arsenal contains a blacked-out E28 5 Series sedan with a Porsche 917 LeMans tail. There's an AMC “Whornet” boosted by a Chinese turbo plumbed in with PVC from Home Depot and fed through an actual ammunition box. You can see the world's only drop top 1980s Mercedes-Benz SL 722 Stirling Moss tribute with a leaky Chevy V8 under the hood and a strange affliction for burnouts.

Nothing suit your fancy yet? Maybe a BMW E36 covered in hand-riveted beer cans, with a keg spoiler, and a working tap would interest you then... No? How about the “BMWanksy”, a clean, runs well, one owner, non smoker, 4dr, auto, rwd, no dl or pw, that was converted into a racing car in a weekend and then tagged with notorious street art by Banksy? Or, take your pick from a truly worn looking pair of Audi Quattros, a 5 speed Bob Marley themed Acura Legend (get it?), a surprisingly faithful E30 Alexander Calder Art Car, or another E30 (because they grow on trees apparently).

This video faithfully reflects what it is like to spend a weekend invading Monticello with Rally Baby Racing. It will not make sense, although that’s kind of the whole point... Just go fast, have fun, and don’t over think it.