Watch Pilots' Quick Reactions Save Planes From Destruction By Wind

These Piper Super Cubs were just sitting on the runway in Colorado when a huge 55 knot wind gust struck. In order to avoid the planes crashing while sitting on the ground, the pilots react quickly, take off, and avoid certain disaster.

Original post byChris Clarke on Oppositelock

55 kt Gusts Force Super Cub Tow Planes To Takeoff From The Ramp

Pilots of these Piper Super Cub glider tow planes were forced to act quickly and get their aircraft in the air to avoid danger to nearby ground handlers as a microburst passes over the airfield creating wind gust up to 55 kts.

Notice other students, pilots, and handlers sitting on a parked sailplane to prevent it from also blowing away.

All aircraft and personnel managed to avoid injury at the USAF Academy Airfield in Colorado Springs, Colorado.