I love Volvo, that's pretty obvious given my user name. I love my XC70. It's a great car. But at heart, I'm still a Japanese car fan. I love Subaru as some of you know. I also enjoy some older Mitsubishi (2008 and older). I even like Nissans. And Mazda. And many other makes that I am forgetting.

I also have an undying passion for rally and really want to start doing grassroots RallyCross. The XC70 is just no good for that being that going full oppo too much causes the power steering pump to explode. So every race would mean a new pump at least.

My XC70 is wonderful. But it needs constant attention. This isn't an issue with a warranty but that warranty is up in August. As a college student, I can't afford the parts on my own and I don't want to rely on mommy and daddy to keep my car maintained.


The more I think about this though, the more saddened I am. And the more unsure I become. I don't know whether I should extend my warranty and keep my XC or own it for a year and then trade it in for a Japanese car when the warranty is up. The XC needs a little work now as it is. The drive shaft boot is cracked (I caught air while pretending to rally it), the engine burns oil and needs new seals, the CV joint is starting to go and I'll need a whole new axle.

Have some various japanese cars that I'm considering -