Exhaust, spark plugs, fluids, wiper arms, fan. It’s a good time. Time for pictures and more details.

I had to use two different handles and three different sockets to get these stupid spark plugs out. The only reasonable way to do this crap is with a flex-head ratcheting wrench.

These headers kinda suck. And by kinda I mean they really suck. Better than the cast iron manifolds most of these conversions have, though. I also discovered that my engine is a 3970010 350CI engine from before 1975 from either a Corvette or a truck, with 175-320hp. Not terribly precise. The relocated alternator blocks the casting numbers on the front of the block so who knows. Might pop off a valve cover and go hunting for casting numbers on the heads.

Headliner glue sprayed all over the carpet falling out of the trunk

All better :)

This covers the rear 5mph bumper. It’s all faded and nasty.

A few minutes with some plastidip cleared that situation right up.

These wiper arms had really seen better days. Paint flaking everywhere... awful.

A few minutes with the angle grinder and a wire wheel

MUCH better. Better than peeling. Better than black. Goes way better with the character of the car.

I bought a fan clutch for $40 at Autozone to replace the hard-mount of this fan. That mount system has no centering mechanism. I believe the slightly off-centure nature of this garbage plus the fact it’s spinning at 3000+ rpm on the highway is the cause of a pulsing vibration at highway speeds. Unfortunately this fan is the wrong type for the clutch so I’ll need to go to a junk yard and find the appropriate fan.

This muffler was hanging on for dear life. Took it off the car and re-did that side of the exhaust. Just left it dumping behind the rear wheels for now, will probably do a side exit just fore of the rear wheels due to a BITCH of a flange for the section that bends around the IRS. Clearances are utter bullshit for that, by the way. Another argument for exiting out the side.


After cutting off both mufflers I noticed something amusing: the car is quieter now. As near as I can tell a combination of holes in the mufflers and bullshit rattling around in them was making the exhaust louder and a lot more haggard sounding. Now it’s a smooth V8 idle thanks to the two unmarked Flowmaster Super 40-style mufflers in the middle of the exhaust system. When I finally got back to the house and walked around the car while idling it was honestly quieter than many modern cars. No super loud lifter noise or direct injection ticking from up front, just the gentle whoosh of the fan. From the rear, a subdued burble from the V8. It was nice.

The problem now is that I need a radiator fan. That means going to a junkyard. That means I’m going to have to try very, very hard to go to a junk yard and not leave with a set of Vortec heads.

All of this work was done rolling around in my dad’s driveway under a Jaguar dropping rust and dirt on me. Girlfriend took a picture of me when I walked in completely covered in junk.

I’d kill for consistent lift access :(