The Vandura is at home with its younger brother, the ‘97 Safari.
The tire on the left is the original; on the right is the new (used) one.
The window regulator is completely inoperative.
In a word: yucky.
The seller claims this to be an original odometer reading. I have zero inclination to doubt him.
I can probably have most any seat I want in this van. I was totally loving the driver seat in the F-250 I used to tow this vehicle home.
Understatement: The wiring is going to need some work.
Very clean undercarriage.
Rotten neoprene and the only rust-through I’ve found, at the front of the wheel wells. Worse on the battery side.
Disc Brakes!
I plan to replace every end, bushing, joint and bearing.
Front of the passenger side wheel well is locally rusted out because battery acid.

Today I got the other two tires mounted. A used tire shop in Hayward charged me $50! for mount, balance and valve stems. I probably could have saved $20 if I’d driven around all afternoon. Friendly guys, ethnic shop, new owners.


I have access to a heated-water pressure washer. I’m going to remove the grill and radiator to allow total access to the engine compartment. The only rust-through I’ve found has been at the front of the front wheel wells. Also, there is some damage at the front of the frame where someone tried to steal the van and they about pulled the front bumper off. So I’ll clean that up and do some welding up there and make sure everything’s solid.

I am confident that the engine will run, and I am putting off starting on that until I have cleaned everything up. I am very sensitive about how the van looks. I’m not talking about a paint job, I just want it to look like someone loves it.

If anybody is wondering, I took the photos with my Nexus 5 smart phone and post processed them in Lightroom 4.4.