Not bad at all for $1900. Not too many manual Acura coupes out there. Has a check engine light, looks like an O2 sensor. Also has an exhaust leak somewhere. Other than that everything is working. Nothing is leaking underneath. Sticker until April, so plenty of time to work on it. He just let me take it for a spin around the block. Idles a little rough, but that could just be the sensor/leak. Alignment is good, steering feels fine, shifts well, clutch feels fine, rides great. Interior is in pretty good shape besides a gross wheel. All the powered things work including the sunroof and no cracks on the dash. Has some paint issues and we’ll need to clean up those headlights. A/C blows ice cold and the car moves under its own power which is pretty much worth $1000 here is South Texas.

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Found this mislabeled 2.2 CL while looking at Integra’s on CL last night. Looks decently clean for 200k miles. Showed it to my friend, keeper of project deathtrap, and air-suspension turbo SC300 (turbo currently sitting on his desk awaiting rebuild). So of course he is going to look at right now. Hopefully comes back in one piece. If the recent repairs check out, this could be a decent DD for the price. These aren’t too hard to work on, so we can fix whatever does break in the parking lot. He figures if he gets 6 months with working AC before something grenades it will be worth it.