I have a problem, which I’m sure many of us have; I have trouble making decisions (especially automotive decisions). For me, personally, making these kind of decisions gets harder the longer I have to research and think about it.

That couldn’t be more true for me at the moment - everything seems to be falling into place for me to finally realize my goal of owning a fun car/toy/project - which, if all stays on track, should happen in the next ~9 months or so.


Now, I’ve been thinking a lot about this for a while now (4+ years now, I think...), and while I have my ideas (which is probably worthy of its own post at this point, but I digress), it seems the closer I get the less sure I feel. This probably has a lot to do with feeling like I need to pick that mythical perfect car, and all that entails - compounded by the fact that I feel like I’ve had all this time to do so.

Where’s this all going, you ask? Well...

If you know me by now, and if not, you can probably guess by the top picture - one of the front-runners is the SVX. Now, while the SVX is an interesting car, it certainly has its flaws and issues. Objectively, you really can’t call it the best choice. However, the other morning, I had a moment of clarity (as the title suggests).


On my way into work, while awake and alert, though not really into the morning yet, I see something approaching me in the opposite lane. It’s a Pearl White SVX. I got a good look as it approached, and another good look in my mirrors as it drove past. I was genuinely excited - it made my day - and it made me realize that I still feel that way whenever I see an SVX. That can’t really be said for any of the other cars I’ve considered / am considering. Maybe the SVX is the right choice for me, after all...

I’m sure I’ll be back to doubting myself soon enough, but until then, I’ll remember what a friend of mine told me recently, after we had nearly this same conversation - “You’re probably going to end up with an SVX”

Regardless of how smart an idea it is, he may just be right...