The first time I saw an Enzo, I didn't like it.

I specifically remember seeing the press photo of it, with a watery type background, and thinking that it looked like an ungainly piece of origami crap with wheels. Then again, I was 13, and in my then immature mindset I thought that even boobs of any kind and any stature were unobtainium and of the utmost importance, so what did I know?


When the allure of the Enzo really sunk in, I was on my Grade 8 end of year field trip to Ottawa Canada. I was in the Rideau Center (a place I would later come to familiarize myself with in a drunken stupor many a time as I came back from nightclubs in University) and I was walking around with this girl whose boobs I likely wanted to see or touch. At least, that's the likelihood behind me hanging out with her. I don't know.

It was on the then new cover of Road&Track, the July 2003 issue to be exact. I know that it was dated that month and year because I still have it. It's tossed amongst all my boob magazines that I collected as a youth.

What really made that issue special though, was how good the car looked. The front cover featured an overhead front view shot of the car, on the Salt Flats in Utah. The owner too was from Utah, and would later see his car converted to a Targa from the factory, and then burn to the ground as he was driving it through a charity parade (Save the Enzo's!). Nonetheless, what really made me squeal like the immature, dumb, schoolkid that I was, was all the gorgeous photography. They had found every nook and crevice of the car and presented it in a gorgeous, undiluted state.

I remember reading that it would be the "MM" Enzo, short for Most Miles. It would later become a regular column in the magazine, as the owner discussed his travels with it.

When I saw an Enzo in person for the first time, it was at the Ferrari dealership in central Osaka, and I was 23. I had my Nikon at the ready this time, and was ready to take some "R&T style" shots of my own. These are the fruits of those efforts, and they're all summed up here for your pleasure.

Also, somewhere along the way between being 13 and 23, I went from liking just boobs to liking the entire girl. But we'll save that for another time. In the mean time, here are some of the photos I shot.

Disclaimer: I've never had to write a disclaimer before, so this is probably going to sound half assed, but uh... please don't use these pictures on another site, and please keep them for your own personal use. If you have any questions, email me at and I'll get back to you asap.