Over this past weekend, our family was invited to attend the fiftieth birthday party of one of my dad’s long-time friends. This is the guy that he went to middle school with, went to high school with, and would later work for the same company with. Anyways, after founding a relatively successful startup back in the ‘90s, this guy came away with a handsome chunk of cash and so he purchased a property in the South San Jose hills. The reason he chose this rather remote location is because he had always been a petrolhead, and, out here in the rural part of the Silicon Valley, he could have a place to both raise a family as well as build a garage for all the cars he intended to purchase. About five or seven years ago, we went to a similar party at his place where he showcased his collection of around ten Mopars, all very rare cars in pristine condition. Of course, that’s impressive enough, but this time around, things were a bit different. We arrived late to the party (as we are wont to do) after the garage tour was over, but, after my dad let him know that I’m a dedicated petrolhead myself, he very graciously and kindly agreed to take us on our own private visit to the garage. What he had inside was more than worth the visit.

Even before you get to the garage, this is what is sitting out on the basketball courts:

Waiting to be restored. The Ranchero is a parts car for a better Ranchero.

Anyways, now onto the fun stuff:


Yep, those are some pretty rare Barracudas. Also, a real Cobra.
More Barracudas, some awesomely rare GM metal.
Green De Tomaso Mangusta!
An Ogle SX 1275! Because why the hell not?
Original Porsche 356. Actually, may have been restored, not totally sure.
Some awesome cars, two old geezers ;)
Two GTOs and a modern Challenger (only new car in here and it’s packing some upgrades)
Some interesting reading material on the pink ‘Cuda
Yep, official Camaro ‘vert Pace Car.
What’s that? Oh, just another Cobra. This one’s race prepped and apparently sounds like the heavens splitting open.
More rare Pontiacs and ‘Cudas
Shaker hoods!
Also, he let my brother and me sit in the blue Cobra. I’m not quite ready to drive it yet! ;)
I suppose if you built only a few cars you can spend the time to sign all of them.

When else can you ever get a picture like this? Just awesome.

Practically a once in a lifetime sight.

I don’t think there’s much to say about a collection like this. I don’t care what cars you like or fantasize over; anyone who calls themself a petrolhead simply cannot not appreciate this group of amazing cars which have been both historically significant as well as are just beautiful keepsakes to have around. Well, more than just keepsakes. I guess they’re great for car shows, track days, and terrorizing the neighbors, too! Definitely a garage worthy of a king.