I spent all day Saturday at Gateway Motorsports Park watching the Street Car Super Nationals. There was some neat stuff there. (weekday repost)

426 Wedge with a cross-ram, induction perfection.

Arnie Beswick Lemans:


A ‘57 short wheelbase funny car.

A gorgeous split window pro-mod corvette.


Big Chief’s Crow-mod ‘68 Firebird. He showed up unannounced to test the car.

My favorite of the pro-mod cars, this Yenko Chevelle.

Some vintage Super Stock racing.

A 4th-gen TA beating up on a mustang in the drag radial class.

A Malibu and a Cobalt facing off.

Yamahog bait, a Monte SS going wheels up.

Look at the banners on the wall, that Monte is still wheels up 200 feet down the track. If you’re gonna lose, lose in style.

Then there was this twin turbo V8 Skyline, it smoked.


That raggedy TA again, it had a post-facelift nose and taillights on a pre-facelift body.

One of my favorite moments of the night, watching “Big Chief” from that terrible “Street Outlaws” show get blown out of the water.

Shortly after this was the big accident I posted about last night.

While we waited for the track to be cleaned up I went to see the Crow-mod again, since they’d just been eliminated.

After a while they announced that it’d be another half hour before the track was ready. It was late and the mosquitoes were eating us alive so we called it a night.