On my trip to Texas I stopped by a Wal Mart on a slow night and went digging! Ended up buying 9 cars all from the latest 2014 models except the VW. Falken Supra, Blue 55 Gasser, Orange 92 Mustang from the Mustang 50th anniversary series, 72 blue Grand Torino, Porsche 993, clean VW Brasilia, and 64 Continental.

I FINALLY FOUND THE 993!! I bought 3 so I could open one, display one, and who knows what with the third. I may start customizing cars so it would be a good candidate. I played around with some reflection pics. Not too bad for a desk surface.



A clean VW Brasilia I found at a truck stop. From 2011. Had to have it!! I already have a tribal looking version I would trade if anybody wants it.

Playing with the light. Kind of silhouette..ish

That is it for now as these are the only ones I have taken out of the cards so far. Let me know if anybody is interested in a Brasilia.