I’m sure many of you here are familiar with Mitsuoka, a small coachbuilder based in Toyama (city), Toyama (prefecture), Japan.

Many of you are familiar with some of the cars they make and have made...the Miata/Roadster based Himiko, the Camry powered Orochi, and their mainstay, the March based Viewt.

But what about some of their past products?

Did you know they made a version of Nissan’s Z10 Cube, called the Yuga, and inspired by classic London cabs?

Or how about when they made a neo-retro version of the Foxbody Mustang, the Le-Seyde (like the other Silvia based Le-Seydes) Dore, back in ‘91?

Maybe a retro styled version of the Autozam/Mazda Carol, called the Ray? There was also a Ray III, based on the already retro styled Daihatsu Mira Gino.

Oh, and they once made something called the Like, a somewhat retro styled version of Mitsubishi’s iMiEV?

That wasn’t the first time they used the Like name, though...this one’s called the Like-T3, which is still in production.

Once, they had a version of Honda’s Accord, the Nouera. There’s also a version based on the Corolla Axio, the Nouera 6-02...

Another nameplate used more than once, the Bubu 50 Series, and the Bubu 356, aka Speedstar.

The Bubu name was also used on a car called the Bubu Classic SSK.

Before Toyota’s COMS EV, there was the electric single seater Convoy 88.

Along with the Convoy 88, there was the whole Microcar series...


K-2 (clearly inspired by the Messerschmitt Kabinenrollers)...


and K-4.

And lastly, the Zero1 and Type F, both Lotus Super Seven replicas.

Most only know of only a certain few of their products, but as you can see...their past and present are much more diverse than that.