A bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to share. Rather than spam Oppo I’m putting it all in one post. Cars, dashcam, electronics, photography, opinions, stories the lot. Bad pun for your time:

About this thing I bought:

Came nicely packaged. That’s a good sign.

Having to disassemble it and pry the battery lead from between the circuit board and the case to get the battery in: not such a good sign. Not to mention the fact that it appears there isn’t really enough room in the case for the 9V. If you weren’t screwing it down from the top you’d never get it closed again.

Plus points: That tight fit stops the battery from rattling, at least. Doesn’t look too badly put together. That said there’s not much to put together. The leads are far better than I expected. The instructions are fairly detailed and in actual readable English!


Verdict: 10/10 would buy again. I mean, it was 5 dollars... as long as everything works it could be made of cheese and still get a 10.

Here we have an idiot.

Yes he turned behind me.

I made a thing for a different thing:

It didn’t go totally to plan, but still a fun project (if you can call an hour of dicking around a project) and frankly I’m happy it worked at all. Turns out the unit just can’t chuck out enough light.


But like I said, I dipped a toe in electronic dickery and it didn’t fail miserably. Everything worked.

Original LED’s:

IR LED’s. Yes I have a Nexxtech soldering iron. Yes it’s shit. DON’T JUDGE ME


All 4 work, these are with my phone rather than the IR camera but it’s proof. Good enough to show off with, at least for now.

On a related note to this:

Friggen trucks.

So glad this thing’s off now. Apart from helping heal my shoulder by dislocating my neck, it was developing a bad case of something like hockey stank.

On top of that it’s badly designed. That strap stretches and gets narrower. The velcro at the end doesn’t. So it ends up being way wider than the strap it’s trying to grab, and as it gets more “well-used”, it’s harder and harder to get a good hold.

I couldn’t design something myself for shit, but I spot a problem. The strap should be tapered at the end, and the velcro needs to be half as wide and twice as long.

While I was in the hospital waiting to see the doctor who would eventually tell me to lose the sling, I heard some fairly animated voices coming down the hall... eventually they came right past me and... well...

O shit.

I did see the family later on no the way out and they all seemed happy enough, so I assume either there was some miscommunication or a negative result. At least, that’s what I want to think and for the sake of everyone involved what I genuinely hope is the truth. Still:

Fidget thing. Who needs to buy one?
I love these shots
A bit fuzzy, but I had to be quick on this one. Still fairly pleased with the result.

Oh right, and some cars...