This is a short rant and for once it isn't about the drivers. It is about the company. What the hell are you doing?

BMW appears to be working on a 4 series Gran Coupe (shown below). Now this is where I become very confused.

The 4 series was the replacement for the 3 series coupe. So, if you wanted a four door you bought the 3 series and if you wanted a two door you got the 4 series. Now, BMW decided that the 4 series needed more doors. So they designed the 4 series Gran Coupe. But, here is where my confusion sets in. Isn't the 4 Series Gran Coupe just a 3 series?


Look at the similarities. I don't want to start the whole 2015 Mustang thing again but look:


All this will do is hurt themselves... I do not see the point.

Maybe someone on here can prove me wrong.

Rendered pics from Autoweek... others from Google