On my way back home from a party I saw a Kia Sorento doing double the speed limit lose control and crash into a barrier. (Full story after the jump)

It was late at night and I was getting me and the C5 home, the streets were empty and it was raining. On this one particular corner, a very narrow, angled, hairpin-like corner a Kia Sorento came out of nowhere and almost hit me.


(Streetview of such corner)

Well ok, it's late at night, the roads are empty, speeding is not uncommon.

I get on the highway and an almost insignificant number of miles later the Sorento crashes into a barrier, spins and crashes into another barrier. I saw the whole thing happen.

https://www.google.com/maps/@-23.5987… (Crash happened in this corner)

When the car came to a stop, 3 people got out and started running, jumped to the lower section of the highway and then into the woods. The car was very likely stolen.