Still in the break-in period, but even then I can tell it has a ball or two...

Interesting that despite how bad I think 3-cylinder car engines sound, I don’t feel the same way about a bike triple.


update: So far, 1 week and 250 miles in, here’s where I am with it:


  • Doesn’t feel like a 400 lb bike, it’s flickable and easy to maneuver at low speeds
  • that triple sound
  • it’s definitely got power on tap, just waiting to finish break-in
  • Hardly any vibration; none at the handlebars and only a bit through the footpegs


  • I’d like to move the license plate up under the taillight. Yamaha sells a kit but it requires replacing the axle and axle block.


  • like most bikes, the stock seat sucks. But this one is particularly bad. And of course, the 2017 has a different seat than the ‘14-’16 so replacing it is out of the question for now.

Saddlemen says they can mod my seat in the meantime, so I’ll check into that. HarleyFest is this weekend, so I’ll be spending tomorrow and Sunday on the Switchback.