The Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club’s Extravaganza featured rather a lot of metal, wood and leather that may not be familiar in the Colonies, but it also featured some bloody typical British rain.

So what does one do at such an Extravanza? Well, you playfully race your edwardian wood and brass contraption against your chums’ spiffing Rolls Royce Twenty and Lagonda 2 Litre in the driving rain, on a sodden field.

Though you can join in the fun with much more humble machinery too.


So many Austin 7s, though

Still, the rain is quite photogenic on fancy,


not so fancy (bonus points for the person who spots the incongruity),

and very fancy mascots indeed.

And ones that started at the top, and have come down a bit since.

Not that everything was British

or even European

Or particularly old

My favourites? One is the oddness of the Lea-Francis 14hp saloon

And I’m beginning to get a liking for proper Rileys. They were not-cheap, but attainable ‘sports saloons’ back in the day. Like a British BMW.

But when you see them now, they’re invariable old, scruffy and well-used ‘oily rags’. Unlike many ‘30s machines, they don’t get babied or trailered- they trailer you.

So was the rain a problem? Yes. To those with a bit of heft.