I have a filter set up on Row52 to email me whenever there is a new A3 Jetta on the lot at the local junk yard. It seems that my Jetta's days are numbered though, because ever since I set up the filter, I have been getting 3 or 4 emails per week (and none of the ones that show up on the lot seem to have crash damage). Anyway, when I set up the filter for my Jetta, I also set up a filter to notify me if any Porsche or Alfa Romeo cars ended up on the lot. When I woke up this morning, there was an email waiting for me. "Row52.com | Porsche has 1 new results!" (and an email informing me of 2 new Jettas). I quickly got up and headed out to the yard.

The 928 (for maximum impact listen to "in the arms of an angel" while looking at the pictures)

Here is what was waiting for me, a husk of what was once intended to replace the 911. There was no engine or interior, but the body was in decent shape. Sadly, I believe this car used to belong to an enthusiast who was trying to restore it, but then realized he was in over his head. In the back of the car there were dozens of ziplock bags with nuts and bolts, each one was labeled with sharpie. It was actually quite sad.

928 was not the only decent piece of metal on the yard though, there was a thoroughly beat up MR2

which was owned by someone who wanted everybody to know their religious views.

Two Bugs (both gutted)

A Volvo, for all you wagon lovers

And then two cars that were labeled as "builder, do not pull parts". Hopefully this means that they will be saved from the crusher somehow as this MG appeared to be in decent condition

I don't really think there is much hope for this BMW though, too much deep rust all over.