The Bug was running kinda funny on my way back from class yesterday and I was nervous that I slipped another pushrod, but luckily I was just a few miles from my house when it happened. Limped home and checked my valves - they were just a hair too tight on cylinder three and that's what the problem was. Just got them all readjusted and thought I would get a video of the startup and a few revs for you guys.

A couple of weeks ago I had to pull the head on cylinders three and four because of something going catastrophically wrong inside the engine. Here are a few pictures of the engine tear down and the discovery of the problem. Pardon the kinda blurry pictures. I was testing out a new lens for my camera and didn't realize how terrible they were until the engine was back in the car.

The engine fresh outta the car. Rag over the carb to keep random shit from falling down into it.

The S.O.B shroud I couldn't take off without pulling the whole damn engine. Got the plugs, intake manifold, rocker arms and pushrods all stripped out.

God the head itself removed from the rest of the engine. Yes, I know it is dirty and yes I did clean it up!

Now, if you look closely, you can see the second valve on the left FROZEN IN COMPRESSION.

You see that liiiiiitle bit of metal sticking out of the valve? THAT'S THE CULPRIT. That's why my valve wouldn't come up. Bad news. I don't yet possess an overhead valve compressor, so I had to take the head to a shop that specializes in air and water cooled Porsches and they popped the thing out for me.

Turns out it was some dumb little bolt or something...not entirely sure how it got into my engine. Picture of the little bastard next to a quarter for perspective.

I was extremely fortunate that it didn't damage my valves or jump into my cylinder. That would have created so many more problems that I don't have the money to fix. Thanks for reading!