Since I would be up in SC with my girlfriend, I decided I’d make an attempt to do car-related/Oppo-related exercises and go to the BMW Zentrum Museum in Spartanburg, where they build the X3/X4/X5/X6 range. I’m not shy to German factory museums at all. In fact I live just down the road from the Mercedes plant in Vance, AL, and am very fond of their facility. But, I’d thought I’d stop in and see how BMW does their thing.

It’s a very nice facility just outside of Simpsonville, where I was staying, with beautiful architecture and a very clean interior. BMWs litter the parking lots of all shapes and flavors, from classic E39s to new 5 Series GTs.

The exterior’s nice, but we’re not here to talk about exteriors.

The interior is very clean and laid out with tons of cars from throughout the years. I admittedly was expecting to see more than I saw (they had about ~18 cars on display, eight of which were new models), but what I did see was fairly interesting to say the least.

Overall, it’s a nice little place, and I can’t complain. It doesn’t really hold a candle to the Mercedes Museum in AL or the Corvette museum in KY, but it’s still a sweet place for gearheads/Oppokind alike.