So on Saturday night, as I was performing my weekly task of shaming my teenage peers in thier eclipses, civics, and general riced out crapcans, I accidentally launched the stang. We were in a buisness lot we had never torn around before and it turns out this one isn't exactly level. There is a very definite hill right at the end of a long straight section. Around 1 AM, as I had my foot to the firewall, with an eclipse behind me, I saw the hill. Now I did my best to avoid it but I can't guess how fast I was going when I hit the crest and got a few inches of air before my beloved stang hit the ground and bottomed out. With fear in my heart I examined her the best I could and limped home. Today I jacked her up and there is no visible damage to anything except the exhaust tips. I'm just glad my teenage stupidity didn't break anything.

I'm a dumb kid and accidentally jumped my car racing though an empty lot, VERY glad nothing is broken.