When Saab went kaput, the longtime Saab dealer on my side of town (Jim Ellis in Marietta) was decided to put another brand in that dealership's lot.

It's a small lot and in a lousy location that's difficult to get into (literally on the exit ramp of a highway), so a brand that won't move a lot of volume anyway would do OK there. What'd they go with? Mitsubishi. Obviously, not the healthiest brand, but it's not like you can put in a Ford dealership there.

So I'm driving past the lot last week and notice it's no longer a Mitsubishi dealership—Jim Ellis has moved its Volvo franchise into the space from its previous spacious location 1 block south (corner of Cobb Parkway and Windy Hill). A location where there's been a Volvo dealership since time immemorial .


Jim Ellis is one of the largest dealers in Atlanta. They've got two VW locations, two Audi locations, another Saab lot, Porsche, Maserati, Mazda (seen in the photos), Chevrolet, Buick/GMC and Hyundai. So if they're downsizing their Volvo location...it's not for nothing, so to speak. It makes me wonder what the future is for Volvo, if the dealerships don't have much confidence in them.