Two weekends ago I got rear ended in the E39. Everyone is fine, we exchanged insurance info etc. I made a claim and received a call from the other driver’s insurance the Tuesday right after the accident. As requested by the adjuster, I sent out pictures and got a repair quote the following morning. Since then I have heard absolutely nothing. I’ve tried emailing with no response, I’ve tried calling and never get through to the adjuster. I’ve left a few messages but have yet to receive any calls back. I finally got though to a human yesterday (not the adjuster, it was on the insurance company general line) and they informed me that the claim was still waiting on a statement from the other driver. I sent a text to the other driver, and they told me that the adjuster wasn’t returning their calls either. What am I supposed to do here? Do I just need to lower my expectations in terms of responsiveness (I work in an industry where return calls are expected within hours)? How long does this stuff generally take?