Well it looks like Alfas are testing in the USA, but why Portland?

This is one of two cars that I have seen in the past month (the other is white with nice paint, but as dirty as a Dakar Rally car) but this is the first time I got an opportunity to photo one. This car looks like it used to have quite a bit of cladding taped onto it to hide some of the features. Also, it had a race car style fire suppression system handle in the dash. I'm not surprised to see mules testing, but I didn't really have an idea why it would be in Portland. I did some thinking and it might all make sense.


The car was spotted near where I work on Swan Island. I work for Daimler Trucks North America (Freightliner and Western Star). Obviously, we no longer have ties to Chrysler company, but Chrysler is now owned by Fiat who owns Alfa. I thought Chrysler may have some left over assets around Swan Island and they may be basing these test mules from there.

However, my senior engineer said that the building that it was parked in front of is the Roush building. It turns out that Roush has a division of test fleet drivers which we use for our continuous on-road testing. It only made sense that Roush would grab up a small office building nearby since we typically have an on-road testing fleet of 50+ trucks. I guess it's not too far fetched that Alfa would seek out a company of professional test drivers to drive their test mules around.