Our resident old fart had some wise, harsh and truthful words for me. You all did. Mainly him, cause he threatened to slap me with his AARP membership.

I realize that my mannerisms are getting a bit lame and the rage act is useless, I realize that there are some/many/a few/a dozen/imaginary people who despite the baggage did appreciate that when I wasn't being a moron, I was being a brilliant moron.


So there is that. Expect...well, not much. I'm still going to be very brutal and borderline politically correct, thats just me. But without the childish crap and other nonsense. I think I can do better.

I like being here. I like engaging here. I like burning absurd amounts of time here. I wish for that to continue in a better way. Tis a shame that it took well, regular grade BS to put me here. But such is the way things are, I can treat this as a chance to be less of an elitist ass and well, maybe more of a reasonable ass.